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Innovative Decentralized Video
Social Platform

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Palchain:The world's first one-to-one video
social platform based on Blockchain technology

PalChain is dedicated to creating an autonomous, open and transparent one-to-one video social platform.
PalChain differs from traditional Internet products in that it is an open, transparent and token organization
representing all the interests of the PalChain video social platform. PALT pioneered the Consumption is
reward model, giving most PALT back to community users in the form of rewards. More particularly, the
Palchain community gives 80% of its income back to PALT holders, distributing it in proportion to the composition
of the income.

Innovation in PalChain

  • Interesting video social experience
    PalChain is based on P2P online video interactive technology and real-time audio technology, users can exchange low-latency one-to-one video on the platform. From then on, we only see and talk each other. PalChain has a fun and rich dynamic gift system that allows users to give gifts of different value to other users by playing games, buying them directly, or customizing them privately. PalChain uses two-way evaluation between users to achieve equal social interaction.

  • Decentralized linkage of interests.
    PalChain's innovative way of paying with digital money, where users can directly interact with each other by paying USDT, the revenue from PalChain platforms will no longer be a means of making profits for centralised platform organizations. Instead, redistribute it to the community's PALT holders, encouraging more participants to join the PalChain platform, where each of you is so valuable!

  • The value of transparency and justice win-win.
    In the traditional social platform, we often encountered identity fraud or impersonation of other people's identity fraud, which is the economic loss of users and the reputation of the platform loss. Blockchain distributed account technology enables the above issues to achieve the ultimate outcome of recording the true identity of users and all the revenue in the PalChain platform, including (but not limited) to advertising revenue, user recharge income and so on. And daily open revenue to contribute effectively to users of digital monetary incentives to achieve truly sustainable value win-win.

What is PALT?

PALT is a testament to the rights and interests of the PalChain video social networking platform itself, with its innovative Consumption is reward mechanism. PALT issued a constant total of 10 billion, never additional. PalChain rewards most of its revenue to PALT holders in a timely manner. At the same time, PALT holders own the rights to governance of the community. Token, as a negotiable proof of encrypted digital rights and interests, will become the basic element of the future digital economy era. PALT, as the representative of PalChain community rights and interests, is the cornerstone of PalChain community governance.

PalChain development road map.

PALT distribution mechanism.

We use the reward synchronization release mechanism to complete the PALT release. 51 percent of PALT ‘s candy will be given to community users and 49 percent of PALT will be distributed to private equity, foundations, strategic partners, and founding teams through the Consumption is reward model. These two parts of PALT we call community feedback and pre-release respectively. Community feedback : users receive community feedback through the Consumption is reward model, PalChainer earn PALT candy awards, and it is daily distribution. Pre-release portion: the proportion released with reference to the reward portion is thawed out synchronously, and is issued on a daily basis. That is to say, the current total circulation of PALT market = PALT / 51% of cumulative mining output.